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About us

Each year, over 100,000 children are left to live on their own and fend for themselves due to abuse, neglect, and death of parent. We, at Al-Madina Kids’ education and health foundation, believe that all children deserve an access to good health and early learning opportunities, and this will make them grow healthy and reach their full potentials in society. Al-Madina Kids’ Education and Health Foundation of Ghana identifies and accesses resources to support these children. Support us in our efforts of giving hope to these children.

Who We Are

Al-madina kids’ education and health foundation support high quality program for kids through personal resources and resources from family members. The foundation currently provides support to programs that address child education, safety, well-being, among others.

Our success so far
We have provided clothings ,books, school bags, food, toys, school fees for about *1,500 kids*, and we have successfully planted one borehole in *Madina*.

Aims and objectives
To provide food and clothing to support parents.
To help families in paying their Children's fees.
To provide under privileged children with access to education and health resources in and outside our immediate community of influence.
To mobilize resources to support the goal of the foundation.

To ensure that every kid is in good health and sound to learn and succeed in school and life by providing kids with learning and health resources.

To be among the best sources of support for childhood learning and health in Ghana and beyond.  


Medina Arimiyao

CEO. Founder 

Dr. Dawuda Salifa

Exective Director

Dr. Anthony Akunzule

Exective Director

Sherifa Arimiyao


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